Scholarship » 2020/2021 Bursary - Disability

2020/2021 Bursary - Disability



Scholarship Description

The Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board have a mandate ‘To identify, select and empower qualified citizens of Kaduna State to meet the current and future manpower requirements of the State while remaining globally competitive’. 

Furthermore, the Kaduna State Government is particular about ensuring that hardworking and indigent students (poor and needy) have equal access to quality education as a leveler to prosperity. The Government is also particular about inclusiveness for all. To this end, the Government has introduced testing techniques for students with special needs.

Considering that scholarship is not a right but must be earned, the Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board introduced essay writing followed by computer based test as evaluation criteria for you to access the bursary based on what you know and not who you know. You are expected to write an essay on a subject matter, construct short sentences with correct spellings and punctuations and be as original as possible because the essay will be checked for plagiarism and use of English. Those of you who have never been exposed to this type of testing technique should use this as a medium to get conversant with essay writing and plagiarism checks. This will make you better at writing personal statements to access major international fully funded scholarships. You are encouraged to form tutorial groups or reach out to people in your community who may be better at essay writing to teach and guide you. You are discouraged from getting people to write for you. 

Successful candidates should see this as a great leveler that will improve the economic wellbeing of themselves and their family upon graduation. The State also sees this as an opportunity to encourage hard work, serve as an incentive to improve student performance in school and to build the human capacity of Kaduna State to be the best in Africa and one of the best in World. We invite you on board!

Scholarship Requirement

• A minimum CGPA of 2.0 of 5.0 or 1.6 of 4.0
• A medical certificate from a government hospital confirming the disability
• Must be a student who has at least one more semester to pay for at the time of disbursement
• Must not be a spill over student.
• Masters students who have spent more than 2 years or PhD students who have spent more than 4 years need not apply.
• All students who are currently in 100 levels, ND1 or HND1 should apply despite that they do not have any result yet. They should select 2.0 or 5.0 and 1.6 for 4.0