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Educational Loan Application - Under Graduate


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Loan Description

The Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board have a mandate ‘To identify, select and empower qualified citizens of Kaduna State to meet the current and future manpower requirements of the State while remaining globally competitive’. 

Considering that need based scholarship  is targeted at only the indigent students, limitation of resources, identified priority courses to sponsor and high academic requirements to qualify; this educational loan component is introduced to ensure that no one is left behind. The loan can be applied for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses and is available for private sector employees, state and federal civil servants who are citizens of Kaduna State

Citizens  of Kaduna State can access up-to 5 Million Naira per sponsor. A student can have a maximum of 2 sponsors. Repayment is over a period of up-to 5 years.

Successful applicants should see this as a great leveler that will ensure that no citizen of Kaduna State is left out of education on account of his/her economic circumstances. This will improve the economic wellbeing of themselves and their family upon graduation. The State also sees this as an opportunity to build the human capacity of Kaduna State to be the best in Africa and one of the best in World. We invite you on board!

Loan Requirement

Only an employed student or a non-employed student’s sponsor (anybody who is willing to collect and repay a loan for the student’s education) can apply. 
Candidates must have an admission in a tertiary institution.
Sponsor(s) and the student must be a Citizen of Kaduna State either by residency or by State of Origin.
Students or their sponsors must have a consistent source of income that can repay the Loan over a maximum period of 5years.