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Merit Emerging Skills Foreign Scholarship


Foreign Scholarships

Scholarship Description

a.  Applicants must be residents of the State.

b.   Applicants must provide personal income tax clearance certificate of parents or death certificate as applicable.

c.   Applicants who are new students must present a valid admission letter.

d.   Spill-over students need not to apply.

e.   All shortlisted foreign applicants must undergo drug test and provide full medical certificate from a government hospital.

f.      All shortlisted foreign applicants must execute Bond agreement with the State.

g.   All employed shortlisted postgraduate foreign scholarship beneficiaries must produce letter of release from their employer.

h.   All shortlisted foreign applicants are required to provide reference letter from employer for employed applicants or from the last Institution of study for unemployed applicants.

i.   Postgraduate applicants for emerging skills foreign scholarship must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 of a 5.0 CGPA system or 3.6 of a 4.0 CGPA system for Masters degree while applicants for PhD degree must have a minimum of Master’s degree with merit.

Scholarship Requirement

A graduating CGPA of 4.0 of 5.0 or 3.2 of 4.0 for Masters Application
A Masters merit grade for PhD application
Candidates can apply without a secured admission, but admission must be gotten from an approved university before scholarship award